09 - 10.12.2016 in Berlin

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Target group 

The seminar is aimed at executives in collection companies (owners, managing directors, qualified persons) as well as lawyers and service companies.

Day 09.12.2016 – Cooperation of debt collection and lawyer 

The seminar will give an overview of the different models of cooperation between lawyer and collection agencies and the legal issues to be considered. In addition to professional law, civil, data protection and cost law aspects are also discussed. There should also be room for discussion and questions under which framework conditions certain models of cooperation can be agreed in conformity with the law.

On the evening of the first day of the seminar, there will be an opportunity for a joint dinner and an exchange of ideas between the participants and the speakers.

Day 10.12.2016 – Contracts in debt collection

The second day of the seminar will highlight the contractual relationships between client, debt collection agency, lawyer and service company (s) and the regulations that must be contained in the individual contracts. From the realization that one contract does not exist, various options for regulation should be discussed

The content in keywords     

  • Understanding models of cooperation

  • Consideration of the models in contractual, economic and professional terms

  • The contractual structures between the parties to the collection of a claim on the creditor side

  • Before the brackets: Remuneration agreements between the parties and their impact on the settlement and reimbursement ratios

  • What belongs to where: The headings

  • What belongs where: Detailed questions in variants with their effects

The speakers

Frank-Michael Goebel is the chairman of the Higher Regional Court. As an author of various works on civil procedural law, on foreclosure law and on cost law, most recently the lawyer forms foreclosure published in the 5th edition and the practical guide on collection costs published in the second edition, he is also known as a speaker and lecturer. As an expert, he was intensively involved with the German Bundestag against the law against dubious business practices. Contract law and management as well as cost law are among his specialties. He is a permanent employee of various practice-oriented information services such as professional RVG, claim and enforcement or receivables management professional. As the course leader and chairman of the examining board for the subject matter course and examination, he is very familiar with the collection sector. He has extensive experience as a lecturer and speaker in the context of in-house training, workshops, seminars and congresses. 

Jochen H. Schatz has been a Attorney at Law since 1996 and has been closely associated with the debt collection industry for almost 17 years. From 2002 to 2009 he was Managing Director of the Federal Association of German Debt Collection Companies e.V. in Hamburg and Berlin and has previously worked as a deputy Managing Director closely followed the introduction of the Legal Services Act. Since the beginning of 2010, he advises debt collection companies on all contractual and professional matters and is available as a contract lawyer. As an author in the “Attorney Forms Foreclosure” and the information service claims management professional, he also works on a wide range of questions in an informative and practical way. In addition, he teaches professional law for collection service providers in the specialist course of the German Inkassoakademie.

Seminar offers 

Whether you are a collection service provider or a creditor, we support you in the strategically optimal orientation of asserting your claims. Our seminar offer currently covers the following topics:

  • Realization of claims in the utility industry

  • Debt collection in the housing industry    

  • collection agreement    

  • collection costs    

  • Foreclosure – Strategically sound approaches 

We are also happy to conduct in-house seminars at your location.



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